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Invest in the 3 R’s

  • Reduce cost;

  • Reclaim worker efficiency; and

  • Recycle old asphalt shingles.

Asphalt Gals Recycling Ltd offers roofing contractors, homeowners and the environment benefits.

We work with roofing companies to enable them to work more efficiently. Skilled roofers are at a shortage. Asphalt Gals, lets companies keep their skilled roofers where they are most valuable – on the roof. No more time spent dealing with old shin gles. By staying focused on roofing, roofers are able to get the job done more quickly and cost-effectively. When its off the roof – your work is done. Asphalt Gals Recycling cleans up all the tear off, and sweeps the area for nails.

Asphalt Gals’ team handles everything to do with the tear-off. From collecting it - in your bins or ours, the choice is yours – to separating the materials and getting it off site to recycling.

The Asphalt Gals team is ready to help your jobsite go green and your bottom line stay black.

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